Hi there. I'm Linda. I'm 19.

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I really can’t get anything done when I’m like this because my whole body literally shakes and everything is blurry and there’s that knot in my throat and I can’t concentrate which is strange because there’s nothing in my head. There’s so much that there’s nothing. And my feet fall asleep and get numb. And this whole “phase” or whatever this feeling is does nothing but stress me out even more because it’s taking up time. Time that I really need to get shit done but I can’t because I’m trapped by my fucking anxiety. It literally is consuming me and my life at the worst times. Not that there’s ever a good time to feel this way but it really sucks that it’s now


mementomoriiv: Tamara Gonzales

ceramic alien ring

I had been doing so well

I hate this feeling



Festive summer beard, posted by barbitium


Alicia Silverstone & Liv Tyler